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Other Recommended Reports:

Strategic R&D Opportunities for the Smart Grid, NIST, USA

Technology, Measurement and Standards Challenges for the Smart Grid, NIST, USA

Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-4, NREL

Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-3, NREL

Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-2, NREL

Renewable Electricity Futures Study Vol-1, NREL

Five Smart Grid Questions Every Utility Executive Should Ask- SGMM Tool, Software Engineering Institute, USA

How You Can Help Your Utility Clients with a Critical Aspect of Smart Grid Transformation They Might be Overlooking, Software Engineers Institute, USA

Smart Grid Educational Series Webinars Links Repository, 2012-13

Accelerating Successful Smart Grid Pilots, World Economic Forum

Smart Grid: A Race Worth Winning?, Ernst & Young, 2012

Use Case Modeling for Smart Grids According to IEC/PAS 62559

The Rising Sun, A point of view on the Solar Energy sector in India, KPMG, 2012

Utility Experience Developing a Smart Grid Roadmap, EPRI, 2008

Smart Grid Technology Roadmap, International Energy Agency, 2011

Handbook for assessing Smart Grid projects, GRIDWISE ALLIANCE, 2009

What is missing in our fundamental knowledge of Smart Grid implementation?, GRIDWISE ALLIANCE, 2009

The U.S. Smart Grid Revolution, GRIDWISE ALLIANCE, 2011

Paths to Smart Grid Interoperability, White Paper, Smart Grid Policy Center, 2011

Global Smart Grid Federation Report, 2012

Guidelines for conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Smart Grid projects, Joint Research Centre, European Commission, 2012



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