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We are an active independent research group working from India in the Smart Grid domain. We believe Smart Grid is an ocean and every commoner or even a researcher has something to learn from others. Collective effort is required to disseminate effectively the concepts and technology of Smart Grid. As an initial step we are launching e-news channel dedicated to Smart Grid – concepts, technologies, products, break throughs. pilots etc., Presently, it will update about the leading research being conducted by industry, academia, and R&D groups along with the dissemination of the views by various leading researchers in Smart Grids. We solicit your support in this effort. You can extend your support by means of your contributions, views, products, and essentially intriguing questions (who knows may even change the definition or understanding of what smart grid is?).


Are you doing active research in Smart Grids? Are you an Industry expert? Do you have a vision of Smart Grid for your organization?

Here is a wonderful opportunity to share with our readers.

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Why Smart Grid for Desi needs?

Smart grid is a type of electrical grid which attempts to predict and intelligently respond to the behaviour and actions of all electric power users connected to it – suppliers, consumers and those that do both – in order to efficiently deliver reliable, economic, and sustainable electricity services[wiki def.]. There are two reasons to create a national smart grid. First, today’s
grid needs to be upgraded to confront the following challenges-
  • Unremitting growth in demand for power- fuelled by the country’s rapid economic growth and rising living standards.
  • Poor access to electricity in rural areas- Although the electricity grid reaches over 93% of urban inhabitants, just under a half of the rural population has no access to electricity.
  • Grid inefficiencies- Distribution line loss levels are the among highest in the world, averaging over 30%. The northwest of the country and rural areas are the worst affected.
  • Theft of supply- Electricity theft is an issue in all areas of the country.
  • Inefficient electricity usage- particularly in agriculture. Irrigation pumping is energy-intensive and accounts for a substantial proportion of all power consumption.
  • Poor grid reliability- Outages are frequent, due to aging infrastructure, poor maintenance, and demand outstripping supply.

Furthermore, in the urban areas the grid is aging, inadequate, and outdated  in many respects—investment is needed to improve its material condition, ensure adequate capacity exists, and enable it to address the 21st-century power supply challenges. Status quo is not an option. Secondly, the benefits of the smart grid are substantial. These benefits will result from improvements in the following six key value areas:

  • Reliability — by reducing the cost of interruptions and power quality disturbances and reducing the probability and consequences of widespread blackouts
  • Economics — by keeping downward prices on electricity prices, reducing the amount paid by consumers as compared to the “business as usual” (BAU) grid, creating new jobs, and stimulating the national gross domestic product (GDP).
  • Efficiency — by reducing the cost to produce, theft of electricity, deliver, and consume electricity
  • Environmental — by reducing emissions when compared to BAU by enabling a larger penetration of renewables and improving efficiency of generation, delivery, and consumption
  • Security — by reducing the probability and consequences of man-made attacks and natural disasters
  • Safety — by reducing injuries and loss of life from grid-related events

The major challenge to the central (federal) and state governments is to create awareness about the electricity and future smart grid of the active end-consumer participation among the public, researchers and various other stakeholders.

P.S:DesiSmartGrid.com is operating on Non-Profit basis
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– Team DSG


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