Smart Meter Standards in India – NEW RELEASE

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The idea of Smart grid is still evolving in India. The various domains of smart grid are infused with professional interventions to adopt and rollout standard process and products. Many standard making bodies like IEC, IEEE, NIST, CENELEC are engaged in standardization activities of Smart Grids. In India, Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been rolling out several varieties of standards targeting various technologies.

Until today there are NO standards for smart metering systems in India. However, Smart Metering through Advanced Metering Infrastructure has given top priority in the recently announced Integrated Power Development Scheme and ongoing Smart Grid Pilot Projects.

Realizing the importance of smart meter, the Central electricity Authority in India had brought out a report
outlining the functional requirements. Simultaneously The Electrotechnical Technical Committee of
BIS had brought out metering standards and among the many the currently used are IS 13779:1999,
IS 14697: 1999, IS 15884:2010 and IS 15959:2010.

BIS had taken the report of CEA as reference and developed a standard for smart meter in collaboration with its stakeholders and with active guidance from India Smart Grid Task Force[Inter-Ministerial Group], Ministry of Power, released the draft Smart Meter standard for India.

BIS had forged an understanding with IEEE, the International professional organization which develops standards and reports. This new standard had taken normative reference of relevant IEEE standards.

Download the standard from here

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