New Delhi to introduce net-metering policy for residential PV

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Delhi has about 250 to 300 sunny days available and average solar installation of 5.31 KWhr/day/ Delhi has around 30 lakh households and about 12 lakh commercial, industrial and other consumers. Delhi State has more than 700 Sq.Kms. Of built-up area for the installation of PV systems. Setting up of large solar power projects requires huge land space whereas availability of land is a major constraint in Delhi. The prevailing scenario of declining trend in solar tariff and increasing retail tariff across most consumer categories like residential, commercial and industrial consumers would encourage consumers to install roof top solar systems. . Therefore, roof top solar is set to witness appreciable scaling of capacities in Delhi. Keeping the model regulation issued by the Forum of Regulators (FOR), the Commission has decided to issue this proposal on NET-metering and LT connectivity for inviting comments/suggestions from stakeholders.

The net metering based rooftop solar projects facilitates the self-consumption of electricity generating by the rooftop project and allows for feeding the surplus into the network of the distribution licensee. The type of ownership structure for installation of such net metering based rooftop solar systems becomes an important parameter for defining the different rooftop solar models. In the international context, the rooftop solar projects have two distinct ownership arrangements.

  • Self-owned arrangement wherein rooftop owner also owns the PV system.
  • Third party ownership in which a developer owns the PV system and also enters into a lease/commercial arrangement with the rooftop owner.

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