Smart Grid Pilot Projects Under Execution in India (2013-2016)

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 5.      Electricity Department, Government of Puducherry (PED)


Division 1 of Puducherry

Project Summary: Project proposes covering 87031 no. of consumers with dominant being domestic consumers (79%). The area has around 367 MU input energy consumption.  The proposed project area is also covered under RAPDRP Scheme for IT implementation and system strengthening which is likely to be completed in 2013. The module of Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for Residential Consumers and Industrial Consumers are proposed to be implemented to assist with consumer issues like event management & prioritizing, billing cycle review and revenue collection efficiency for Energy auditing and AT&C loss reduction.


–          Reduction in Distribution Losses

–          Reducing cost of billing

–          Increasing revenue collection efficiency

Key Facts

Project Type: Smart Grid Pilot in Power Distribution Sector
Total cost of project: Rs. 46.11 Cr
MoP Share: Rs. 23.05 Cr
Funding Programme: RAPDRP, Part-C
Project timeline: 563 days, approx. 19 months
New Technology: Common Meter Data Management System is proposed to be developed that shall take data from MDMS of Different meter manufacturer/solution provider and integrate the information for use. Developing a mature model of “time of use tariff and net metering”

6.      UGVCL, Gujarat


Naroda of Sabarmati circle which is an industrial and residential area and Deesa of Palanpur circle which is an agricultural area

Project Summary:

Project proposes covering 20,524 consumers in Naroda and 18,898 agricultural unmetered consumers in Deesa-II division and accounting for input energy of around 1700MU (Naroda : 374.52 MU & Deesa : 1321.27 MU for 2010-11). The functionalities of Peak load management, Outage Management, Power Quality Management are proposed by implementing Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Consumers. Some additional functionalities like Load forecasting and Asset Management are also proposed and functionalities of load forecasting, peak power management and outage management are also considered at utility level which will impact all consumers of utility (i.e. 27 lac consumers) indirectly.

Uttar Gujarat Vij Company Limited (UGVCL) logo

Renewable energy integration has also been proposed to be carried out at Patan Solar Park and few roof top installations at some of the universities.


–          Reduction in AT&C losses

–          Savings in Peak Power Purchase cost by reduction of peak load

–          Reduction in Transformer failure rate

–          Reduction in number of outages

–          Reduction in Meter Reading cost, Cost of payment collection etc.

Key Facts

Project Type: Smart Grid Pilot in Power Distribution Sector
Total cost of project: Rs. 48.78 Cr
MoP Share: Rs. 24.39 Cr
Funding Programme: RAPDRP, Part-C
Project timeline: 12-18 months
New Technology: The pilot project proposes to introduce TOU tariff with approvals from GERC. Renewable energy integration is proposed through proper and accurate load forecast by real time monitoring of substations, feeders and RES generation.

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