Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013

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US Department of Energy report revealed that smart grid projects have generated $7 billion in total economic output and 47,000 jobs. For every million dollars of direct smart grid spending, the nation’s gross domestic product increased by $2.5 million. To strengthen further the eco-system of smart grids, now, the Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013 has been placed for voting in the senate.

Download a copy of the Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013 from here-

United States Smart Grid Advancement Act of 2013

Objective of the Bill:

“To incorporate smart grid capability into the Energy Star Program, to reduce peak electric demand, to reauthorize a energy efficiency public information program to include Smart Grid information, and for other purposes.”


  1. Open doors for “Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid Public Information Initiative”, “Inclusions of Smart Grid Capability on Appliance Energy Guide Labels”, and “Assessment of Smart Grid Cost Effectiveness in Products”
  2. Requiring states and utilities to set goals to slash peak demand using smart grid technologies.
  3. Utilities will have to post a minimum decrease in peak demand by 2015 while the law also pushes to expand the Energy Star Program, equipping customers with information to purchase energy efficient and cost-saving appliances.

DesiSmartGrid Pointers:

India should take a proactive approach in framing smart grid policy and separate acts to address the long-term energy problems  by orienting the grid towards consumers. This is the right time for India to come up with such smart grid acts like what US and Europe did.

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