How smart grid development can alleviate effects of climate change?

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Today, many grid-related technologies exist to prevent and minimize the worst potential impacts of a major weather event, like Superstorm Sandy, or a cybersecurity threat to the electric grid. Much has been learned in the past few years alone about ways in which to use these grid modernization technologies to the greatest extent possible, both to prevent outages as well as to minimize outages when they do occur, and speed power restoration during outages.


The GridWise Alliance has released a report outlining a series of recommendations to help alleviate the effects of large-scale events on the American electric system. The recommendations are the direct result of a workshop convened following Superstorm Sandy during which representatives from 20 electric utilities from across the U.S., along with suppliers and other experts, shared their experiences and lessons learned in dealing with these events.

Full report can be found here

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