Digital Architecture Framework in the Power Sector – A blueprint for Power Utilities in India

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India Smart Grid Task Force (ISGTF) has been constituted by Ministry of Power to serve as government focal point for activities related to SMART GRID. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standards body is also a member in this task force.

Under this task force, five Working Groups have been constituted to take up the different tasks related to the Smart Grid activities. IT architecture is also an important constituent of power system control and automation to facilitate Smart Grid deployment. It has been the experience that there is always a gap between what is promised as IT solution Interoperability, Scalability and what is achievable by the user. It is therefore felt that there is a need for standard(s) for guidance of utility personnel and selection and deployment of technology. Understanding the importance of the subject, a Panel on Digital Architecture has been constituted by BIS under Power System Control and Associated Communications Sectional Committee LITD 10 to formulate standards on IT architecture with a view to harmonize the interface and integration of various IT solutions.

To create awareness amongst the stakeholders and also to invite their feedback/inputs on the draft document on “Digital Architecture Framework in the Power Sector-A blueprint for Power Utilities in India”, BIS conducted a workshop on 30th May 2012 at New Delhi.

click here- Download the document “Digital Architecture Framework in the Power Sector”

Send feedback/inputs on the document to [email protected]

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